Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3 Rings Comic Watercolor Backgrounds

3Rings Process: Backgrounds

For the 3 Rings comic all of the backgrounds, props, and animals are all painted in watercolor.

Well, for a few reasons.

I had seen the french comic 'La Chronique des Immortels' by Eckartsberg, and Kummant. The book is beautiful!

At around that time I was also doing experiments in using traditional medium for background and using the computer for character work to get a bit of the animation cel look. So the french comic was a lovely example that it could be done.
But then I thought, could this be done in a comic by me.

These were some of the main reasons for making the book using watercolor.
But it was also great practice, it gave the backgrounds texture and some random noise that gives some contrast to a computer colored character.

The first page is all the props and animals
1-3 are just about all of the background that went into making the comic.
Page 4 is one of the backgrounds that did not make it into the comic but is one of my favorites. This is an example of the black and white background study, which is what I make in preparing for the painting.

Next 3Rings Comic Process final week: What I Learned and What I would do Differently


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