Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thor & Midgard Serpent: Watercolor Painting Steps

Painting Process from left to right.

1: Image on watercolor paper
2: Blocking in
3: Early stage(everything is the color it should be)
4: Deepen Reds
5: Push Color on Serpent
6: Push colors (especially the darks which is key for watercolor)
7: Final colors and focus on details

bottom final image large


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thor & the Midgard Serpent Process: Watercolor Start

The image is finalized, blown up, and transfered to watercolor paper.  I make my first pass with colors.  I'm really loose and sloppy at this stage.  At the early painting phase (block-in stage), I'm just going for coverage and getting the main colors down.
This early color stage is fun as the image just starts to look like something.


Thursday, October 03, 2013

Thor & the Midgard Serpent Process: Drawings and Value Sketches

Top: Tight Pencils and Value Sketch
Middle:         Toned Paper Drawing
Bottom:         Thor and Hymir Drawing

So on the small scale 3x5inch; I finalize the drawing.  Then I make a value sketch to get a better idea of my lights and darks.  For the first time I made a drawing on brown toned paper, to break down the neutral, darks and highlights of the image.
On the bottom, while the Thor and Hymir are rather small I made a tight pencil drawing of the characters.