Wednesday, March 16, 2011

3 Rings Comic Process: Characters

3Rings Process: Character

Some samples of how the characters for the 3 Rings comic were made.
Start with a ruff sketch, (usually in red pencil)
then to a tight pencil, (usually in blue pencil)
then ink (ink without eyes)
then color (color in photoshop)

The eye is made later in photoshop then placed on the character in the final scene. I do this because the characters were all drawn separately and out of context and if inked often not looking at what they should in the end scene. So I composite the eye in after to make the scene complete.

Note. Sometimes I will skip the tight pencil phase if I know what I want or have a drawing I like. But this is rare, and I usually need to ruff out the character before tightening the pencils before inking.

After inking and scanning I get rid of the white of the paper in photoshop so there is only the clean lines, and then use the color bucket to drop in color.

This was my process for making all of the characters in the 3 Rings Comic.

Next week process: Watercolor Backgrounds


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