Sunday, January 25, 2009

Amazonian Color

I have long thought the Amazonian women could use some color and a background.


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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Making of Willis Henry Comic Part 1: The Script

Making Of Willis Henry Part 1: The Script

To share my process of how I started the Willis Henry comic is with the script. First I began by writing the Header(between the blue marks), which was just the idea or impression of what I wanted to happen. I then outlined the whole story just with Headers.

Once I had some idea about the whole story, even if just an early impression. I went back to the beginning and started to flesh out the story(next to the red stars), using the header as a guide. It was in fleshing out the story that I tried to move swiftly and not edit myself and just let the ideas, details, and story flow out.(I ignored the spellcheck and other mistakes)

I didn't worry about the mistakes because, I found that if I tried to write for perfection at such an early stage I would often forget some really good ideas for what I wanted next, and I became more rigid and started frustrating myself.

I was writing it for myself, it is not in any professional format. So I tried to relax and just write loose and comfortable. Concentrating only on what I wanted the story to be. Also this looseness was helpful in getting as many good ideas, plot points and story development onto the page. But it helped most of all to get rid of my fear of writing a comic (I have never attempted making a comic before).

So this is my process of starting the Willis Henry comic.


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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Willis Henry Turn

I am working out the character of Willis Henry and his look.

The top is a turnaround, but I still have trouble with the extreme turn views of his head.
On the bottom I was playing with color variations.


Sunday, January 04, 2009

The 09 Mission

Willis Henry Get Ready!

So in this brand new year I have a mission: To make the graphic novel
"Willis Henry: Savior of the Future"

This year the blog will be about the process of making a comic. I have no idea how to make a comic so this will be a learning experience.

to the beautiful struggle

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Thursday, January 01, 2009

ねんがじょう09(New Years Card)

Theme/Resolution of 09 "The Struggle(War)"
わたし が こうふくしたら、
なんでも もくてきを たっせい できる ]

Happy New Year Everyone!!

The purpose of a Nengajyo (New Years Card), is to send a card to friends and family thanking them for the love and support that you have received, and the hope for their continued support in the future.

I like the sentiment, and so my goal is to create a Nengajyo every year.

The bottom two are New Year theme/resolution. My friend Miyuki taught me that on New Years it is customary in Japan, to write down what you would like to accomplish for the New Year(a theme/resolution). I like this sentiment as well, so the bottom image(kanji) is what I wrote for 08 and it means to "Try Hard".

2009 theme/resolution "Struggle(War)" (the middle Kanji/image)
The biggest war is the fight with oneself.
I think that if I can overcome myself,
I could accomplish any goal


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