Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Beautiful Beast Kiss (the saga continues)

"As my Squire and I trekked through the inky black darkness, we were startled by a voice that said.. Hello."

"As my Squire Mockton cowered behind me; my foe Spheonix said my trail for her Crystal of Power would be of the Mind. Then asked me a very curious riddle that if answered incorrect would mean Death!"

"I solved the riddle! (To be honest I just guessed; but a wins a win.) Spheonix game me her Crystal and as a bonus said she would answer any mystery of the universe that I may ask.  So I asked the most obvious question...  "Are you my Mother?""
""Mommy!" She denied the obvious and even attempted to run away. But before my Squire and I set out on our next Adventure; we gave my mom a great big HUG!"

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Willis Henry Main Cast

Willis Henry Main Cast Water Color