Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Ruff Stuff

So very tired... (I wish I had a way to make more time in the day for sleep, drawing just for fun, oh and playing video games. Ah, that would be nice. I guess everyone makes the same wish haha. Well, we in America gained an hour today, but I want more. More!!!)

Anyway, here are some ruff sketches that I need to find the time to develop futher.

take care everyone. ...I hear a bed calling me.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Fun with Sharpies and ink

Hey kids!! Lets have fun with sharpies and ink!! Yep, these were done mostly on my downtime, while I'm interning at Cartoon Network. The top three are in ink and come from the bottom sharpie sketches. I'm really into the sharpies lately, although I usually have a large assortment of pens on me. I think I like the sharpies because they force me to be loose and quick.
All of this was inspired by the Metal Gear comic done by Ashley Wood. The style of the comic is very sketchy and I love it. Then I went back to look at the original artbooks for the Metal Gear series by that genius Yoji Shinkawa. Shinkawa's work is simply stunning.

til next time

Monday, October 09, 2006


My plan is to update the blog weekly, but you know how it is when you make plans. Well for this week, I return to my youth. This illustration is of Odin, Lord of the Norse Gods. Odin is shown here with his animal friends; the two ravens Huginn and Muninn, two wolves Geri and Freki are messengers and information bringers. I didn't add his eight legged horse Sleipnir who I did sketch but seemed to disrupt the composition.
I think I like Odin the most of all the gods I read about, because he was kind of a nut, and went to great lengths to obtain knowledge. He gave up an eye to sip knowledge from Mimir's well, and then he hanged himself from the Yggdrasil (cosmic tree) to gain even more wisdom. Yeah, the stories are strange, but are awsome reads. I think the reason I love reading mythical stories is because they boil down what it is to be human, plus they usually very strange, interesting and unique stories. Truly timeless reading. Well I think I geeked myself enough for tonight. Enjoy.