Sunday, March 30, 2008

Road to Magic (Countdown 2)

This weeks focus is on Concept studies for the three stories of Momotaro (top four), Little Red (middle four), and Le Morte d'Arthur (bottom four). This is the next step up from the thumbnail stage. All of these were done in 3 x5 index card size in graphite. With the black and white studies I try to get a better understanding of light and dark before I go to a full sized image.

For next week I will have some color studies. (The end is near! The end is near!!)

take care everyone

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Road to Magic (Countdown 3)

This week was to work on the Titles for the three stories, and development of the freestyle images.

For titles, I don't usually think about in my own work, but they are important. The title or logo is important because it give the audience an idea about the tone of the story is and gives a visual cue as to what they can expect. For example Momotaro is a story for a younger audience, in contrast to Le Morte d'Arthur. So the trick is how to express the story with the titles.

Freestyle images are going to be at the end of the portfolio, to give further examples of how I approach stories visually. Here I tried to give a snapshot of a key moment. Then leave it to the audience to imagine what happens before and after the key moment.

So for next week... I have no idea what I will put up. But it will be good... I hope.

See ya next week!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Road to Magic (Countdown 4)

This week is all Background Thumbs. For BG's I usually start small and fast. I try not to make anything too complicated. Starting small makes me focus on composition instead of detail, which should not be the focus at this early stage.

Momotaro I'm thinking about trying a Japanese print style with some theater stage design compositions. The idea is to keep the staging simple by layering foreground, middle ground, and background element.

Little Red BG's are more defined but I still tried to think of staging the scene for animated action that would pass through the background.

Le Morte d'Arthur, I want simpler BG's that are simple with areas of detail. The idea is the setting could be more implied which would help to push the focus to the character or action that would be in the scene.

Next week. Hm, not sure what I will show. It will probably be on the four alternate concepts or larger mock ups of the backgrounds with the character.

See ya next week.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Road to Magic (Countdown 5)

For this week, we have Rough Character Line Up. I often make character line ups to show the size and shape relationships.

For Momotaro, there is Momo, his animal friends and family, and also the four oni.

On Little Red, here is the early version of the little girl and her support characters but also the three wolves.

Le Morte D'Arthur, shows the four main characters rough forms.

Next week will focus on the development of Backgrounds starting with the thumbnail concepts.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Road to Magic (Countdown 6)

This week is all Le Morte D'Arthur.

I had a good time with it this week. I had to do alot of research and it was almost overwhelming. Because the Arthurian legends are such a popular subject; from Arthur Rackham to N.C. Wyeth to J.W. Waterhouse many great artist have touched on the subject.

The key for me is to filter it down to what I like and try to give it my own spin. I think my main touchstones will be Byzantine, Medieval, and Celtic art. The early images of Christ at those time periods have a flatness and an angularity but also use intricate curves that I really like.

I now finally have some direction, and I'm getting a better idea of the style I want to aim for. Now I just need to keep pushing forward.