Sunday, February 24, 2008

Road to Magic (Countdown 7)

This is the work for the second week.

For Momotaro, the concept was fairly clear in my mind. I did a drawing of Momotaro last week that was super cute. I loved the design, so for this story, I'm going for a younger storybook feel. (Surprising note, I originally saw the character Momotaro as older and more mature.)
Anyway, this week I focused on Momo's animal friends. I have a strong idea for their look, so they are progressing well. The parent I'm keeping the designs simple, and the third character (the large guy) tells Momo and his parent of the invading Oni. So the principal Momo characters are going well. I now need to focus on the look of the Oni, and designing monsters is always fun.

For Little Red, I had alot to do on this concept, so this is where I focused much of my energy for the week.
Finally, the character of Little is starting to take shape. I was trying different variations of how I saw her in my head, and now I'm starting to see something I like.
As for Red the wolf and his buddies, I'm really having fun with them! I have alot of particulars and adjustments to make on all of them but I finally feel like progress is being made.

But what about the third concept Le Mort D'Arthur? This one is giving me the most trouble! This is the one where I have the least clear idea of how I want it to look; this makes it fun but also makes me nervous, and when I'm nervous I start to slow down. So to get in gear, I need to read more on the subject and do more research. Research is fun but can eat up time.
So next weeks blog post will be all about the Arthur concept.

Til next week...

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Road to Magic (Countdown 8)

I am going to apply to Disney.

The discipline I am applying for is Visual Development. So I'm starting this countdown to track the progress of the material I will send Disney. The plan is that every Sunday I post my progress. For the visual development portfolio I will submit will be about 20 pieces of artwork. I have 3 stories that I will develop visually. One is Momotaro, two is Little Red Riding Hood (Little Red), and the third is Le Mort d'Arthur. Of the 20 art pieces 5 will be from each of the stories and the last 5 will be freestyle; one of which will be the Peter Pan image that is farther down on the blog.

This week we start with Character Designs for Momotaro and Little Red.

Sunday, February 03, 2008


The movie Akira was on recently and got me inspired. I have always loved Kaneda's bike.