Saturday, September 30, 2006

Return to Mars

Here are the redesigns of my little character named Mars. I posted the old version on ACME animation web site and got some fantastic visual feedback from James Lopez, a very talented animator. His notes on character design were simple, clear and spot on, and helped me to develop Mars into the better, more likeable version. The bottom is the master sheet of the early version, and the top is the redesign. I really like the character and hope to do more with him in the future.

Monster Month

Hello again, here are some designs and textures I did for Special Studies Animation at Cal State Fullerton. The project was that a group of us would make a game commercial that involves a cave and a scary monster that is part man, part scorpion, and part poodle. The project was interesting in many ways. Including that we had to work together, and play to our strengths, all in a way that is more true to how real world works. Cooperation was hard for some, but meeting tight deadlines even harder as we had only a month to try to get this done.
My designs for the monster, on the bottom are the early rounds, while the top the more final version. For coloring the character, the top three on the left were done in watercolor on plain copy paper. Then I scaned them in and with multiplying layers, I created the other color versions. On the textures I gathered reference to get an idea of what I wanted, then again painted the textures in watercolor on watercolor paper because the paper has a texture. Then scan them in and use multiply and some photo compositing to make some of the textures read. So this has been an interesting month. Boy am I tired, but very pleased with the results, and I didn't even know I could do textures. Wow, a new trick!

Monday, September 25, 2006

LifeDrawing Pastel Man

I really enjoy Life Drawing. I think getting really good at it would take a life time, and because of that I truly respect the Masters. One day I would like to be really good, but until then. So I did this piece at my Jr. College, after a battle with pastel I ended the class with this.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Macross Homage Challenge

So I was lounging with a couple of friends bout a week ago. We were coming up with crazy ideas for an extremely over the top Flash animation project based on the Japanese Giant Robot genre. So, I did this sketch of the chibi guy in the Macross Flightsuit in sharpy on an index card( I do love Macross/Robotech). So, my buddy Steve takes a look and makes the Macross Homage Challenge. And so it began...
We had a week to complete the challenge, but I procrastinate and did it this weekend. I like the sketchy first drawing. Overall not bad, but I would have liked to be looser and more stylized and with more action. Ah well, better luck next time.
I still like the little sketch on the index card.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Named this character Kaze because his father is a wind god, and I first drew the character when I was in Japan, and the name seemed to fit. He is another character from the Myth Project. He sides with the Dev Nation to fight against the Empire.
Anyway, bottom is the ruff sketch, to get the basic idea. I knew I wanted the character to have an eclectic style of dress with a hint of the far east. Then I build on the ruff in the tight pencil stage and try to define the character in more detail. Finally, I make an inking of the tight pencil while still making minor changes. So, until next time...

Monday, September 04, 2006