Monday, August 14, 2006

Japanese Family

Hello everyone, well here is the project that started my summer. I had this concept of a Japanese family where everyone in the family has an identifiable shape. It all took me some doing, researching Japan, drawing shapes to see what works, and in coloring, I wanted to try to get better at photoshop. Overall, I'm pleased; I feel like this is my first real attempt at character design where I follow through to the end. It was alot of fun. However, I think I could have pushed some aspects of the design, ah well, I'll get it one day. Just gotta keep drawing.

On process, each image shows the steps I usually go through nowadays. Rough sketch, that I scan in and blow-up, and print-out. Then I cleanup the rough, this is usually the most fun because sometimes even with a rough I'm not sure what will appear. Then I rescan and cleanup alittle more; blow-up the image again, and print again. Then I ink the characters by hand and rescan and clean up once again. In this phase I try to clean it well, mostly because I try to ink fast and usually make many mistakes. Then finally, I added color and there it is. Well, enjoy...


At 1:14 PM, Blogger Miyuki Kanno said...

Hey Trey, I didn't even know your blog! I am very excited to see you in here! These Japanese family looks very nice. I especially like the color work you did. You are becoming more Japanese!


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