Friday, February 14, 2014



A fun character that I had been developing for some time.

Top:         Caaseth Design
2nd row:  the character
3rd row:  the development path (he started out more human looking)
4th row:  expression sample(to give me some ideas on how he acts)
Bottom:  pen quick sketch for poses and action ideas

In fleshing out ideas for Willis Henry stories I came up with the concept of this character early on.  At first, he was to be just a foe that uses black magic and summons the dead.  But in the crafting I grew really attached to Caaseth, and eventually decided to make him a rival to Willis Henry.

Looking back, Willis Henry was rather easy to design.  While with Caaseth I had to do some digging until I found what I liked in the design.  It will be some time before he enters the Willis Henry stories but I just like him to much to not use him.

Love, (Happy Valentine's Day)


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