Friday, September 13, 2013

Tsukitora Process: Final Drawing to WaterColor Paper

Final Drawing to WaterColor Paper.

I scan in the final drawing and enlarge it to about 20 inches by 28 inches.

I then go to a local printshop to get the enlarged image printed. (note: I can print it from my home printer but the image would need to be chopped up)

Then using Saral transfer paper with the enlarged print on top, copy by hand the image onto watercolor paper.  For this image, I used 300 pound Strathmore Rough Watercolor paper.

With the image on watercolor paper; I then tape the paper to a large wooden board using water activated gummed paper tape. This is to prevent the paper from warping too much.

Now it is ready to paint.

This part of the process can sometimes be the least interesting, but I think it has its own joy.  In a strange way it is the calm before the storm, before starting my freak outs and second guessing that I do for every painting.

I usually let it alone for a few day, but put it somewhere I can see it, and just imagine all of the possibilities!



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