Sunday, February 05, 2012

Moon Rabbits Painting

Moon Rabbits

So there are various folklore of Rabbits living on the Moon.
In China the Rabbits make an elixir of life in a mortar and pestle.
In Japan and I think Korea; the Rabbits make Mochi, which is pounded glutinous rice.
The whole thing is hard to describe but i liked the imagery.

The Moon Rabbits is another large watercolor painting at 20 inches by 28 inches.

Top is the painting steps
Middle is my finished sketch
Bottom is the final painting

I had an idea about doing the stars by using a toothbrush and various colors of gouache. I was scared to death because after spending so much time painting it at that size, I wondered if I was going to ruin the painting. Luckily the piece turned out better that I had hoped.



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